About us

IRIS is a free, open-source toolbox for macroeconomic modeling and forecasting in Matlab®, originally developed by the IRIS Solutions Team and currently maintained and supported by the Global Projection Model Network.

In a user-friendly command-oriented environment, IRIS integrates core modeling functions (including a flexible model file language with a powerful preparser, a variety of tools for simulation, estimation, forecasting and model diagnostics, practical techniques for judgmental adjustments, and more) with supporting infrastructure (such as data management, time series analysis, and reporting).

Testing IRIS

IRIS Toolbox is being thoroughly tested on all major platforms in all the supported versions of Matlab. Each change in the codes automatically triggers more than 450 tests. The status of testing for the most recent version of IRIS Toolbox source codes can be checked on the main page of the IRIS repository. The state of the latest release status is shown below.

State of the IRIS Toolbox’s latest release
Environment Matlab 2014b Matlab 2015a Matlab 2015b Matlab 2016a Matlab 2016b Matlab 2017a Matlab 2017b Matlab 2018a Matlab 2018b
MS Windows 10 (64-bit)
with MikTeX 2.9.6406

Ubuntu 16.04.3 (64-bit)
with TeX Live (texlive-full) 2015.20160320

Mac OS X Coming soon…